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Darby Glenn Recognizes Fantastic Team Member

October 9, 2020
Hilliard, Ohio - I was recently presented with a sealed envelope addressed to me by one of our long time residents, Barb Malone. The letter it contained shined a light on a beautiful person. It was an emotional experience to read through and effectively captured the spirit of an individual it has been my honor to work with as a nursing home administrator. Fatou is truly one of a kind and we are exceptionally blessed to have her here as Darby Glenn's Activities Director. I could go on and on, but my own words would pale in comparison to those written by our resident.

"It seems anymore; all we ever hear are negative things, especially in the middle of this pandemic. I would like to take an opportunity to shine a light on one of your employees. It is important to me that you know and recognize this employee as I find her simply exceptional.

Fatou has been here for over ten years, giving 100% of her time and effort. Once she was given the position of Activities Director, she hasn't stopped. She continues to put her everything into making our activities department the best in Columbus (and surrounding areas). She is always smiling and focuses her attention on all residents and their needs. She also assists her fellow employees with different tasks, without hesitation, when the need arises. I have never encountered Fatou in a bad mood, even when dealing with negative work conditions and any personal issues. She simply goes about her day, moving from room to room, bringing attention to many very lonely people. It was obvious that when the pandemic hit, many other staff members hesitated and took a step back; not Fatou, she leaned in. She continued, as permitted, and did what she could to lighten the situation for residents and coworkers.

Darby Glenn markets having a "cornerstone of commitment to excellence", Fatou is your excellence. She is and continues to be an example of the company's mission and values.

Becoming a resident in a long-term care facility is a difficult transition for anyone. Having people like Fatou has made the process easier. I, personally, thank God for the privilege of knowing Fatou and for what she has brought to my life. She is an exceptional worker and a joy to know and interact with.

My hope is that you will take the time to focus on this positive and commend her for an amazing job she has done and continues to do. We all know that an employee can work anywhere. The fact that Fatou has chosen Darby Glenn and continues to choose Darby Glenn for her place to share her talents and dedication puts us miles ahead of anywhere else."

Fatou is being honored as Foundations Health Solutions recipient of the Brian Colleran Caregiver of the Month award for the month of October. Thank you, Barb, for shining a light on a beautiful person! Thank you, Fatou, for the exemplary service you provide to our residents and for making this world a brighter place for the countless lives you touch on a daily basis.


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